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A brand new initiative for 2024, Filter Photo is pleased to announce our inaugural Print Program. Conceived with the goal of making collecting contemporary photography more accessible, each year we'll be offering prints by 5 different artists, with each print offered in an edition of 10. Funds raised will go towards our mission of supporting the photographic communities in the Midwest and beyond.


For 2024, we are excited to be offering prints by Shawn Bush, Rose Marie Cromwell, Stacy Arezou Mehrfar, Irina Rozovsky, and Rodrigo Valenzuela. Please click the images below to learn more about each artist: 

The first print in each edition will be raffled off at PHOTO DOCK, our annual Community Celebration on July 26th. Don't miss this opportunity to win a beautiful print and add to your collection! After PHOTO DOCK, prints will be available for purchase at $250/each.

You can purchase raffle tickets in advance that will be waiting for you when you arrive. Raffle tickets can also be purchased at the event.​ Winners will be announced at 9 PM.

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