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Since 2009, Filter Photo has served a leading role as a hub of support for photographic artists. Each year, we host the Filter Photo Festival, a multi-day celebration of photography which hosts an immersive program of exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and professional networking events.

At the heart of the festival is our national portfolio review, a networking event that focuses on connecting photographers with curators, galleries, editors, and critics from around the world. The portfolio review program offers access to photographic professionals at the tops of their fields, and fosters meaningful artistic feedback and professional guidance to support the development of creative careers.

In 2015, Filter opened a permanent gallery and project space in Chicago’s West Town neighborhood. Filter Space is home to a robust, year-round program of exhibitions, workshops, and lectures which help nurture and unite photographic communities in Chicago and beyond.

Please join us in our mission and support Filter Photo through Membership or a tax-deductible donation.

Filter Photo is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization based in Chicago, Illinois.


Erin Hoyt

Executive Director

Caitlin Peterson

Director of Communications & Exhibitions Manager

Erica Cheung

Filter Photo Fellow

  • Jeff Phillips | President
    Jay Wolke | Treasurer

    Doug Fogelson
    Jane Fulton Alt
    Aimée Beaubien
    Cecil McDonald, Jr.
    Sandro Miller

    Asha Iman Veal
    David M. Wong

  • Judy Natal
    Aline Smithson
    Susan Aurinko
    Jeff Curto
    Sasha Wolf
    Doug McGoldrick
    Jon Horvath
    Alice Hargrave
    Scott Fortino
    David Sutton

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