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Full Empty

Everything Is Collective

Filter Photo is pleased to announce Full Empty, an exhibition of new photographic and sculptural work from Everything Is Collective.


This exhibition borrows its title from the 1971 cult classic sci-fi novel Roadside Picnic. The premise of that novel, a society faced with the presence of powerful and often misunderstood technology, sets the tone for a series of photographs, digital images, and sculptures that approach the contemporary image landscape as a Zone of unexplained phenomena and a source of dubious economies.


About the Artists

Based in Los Angeles and Chicago, Everything Is Collective (E.I.C.) is an ongoing collaboration between three artists: Aaron Hegert, Jason Lukas, and Zachary Norman. Since 2013 the group has worked together on numerous exhibitions, publications, and web-based projects, all of which address contemporary issues in photography and image culture. Their practice is truly collaborative, and all the works they create are attributed to the group as a whole. EIC has exhibited their work around the world including exhibitions at Royal Nonesuch Gallery in Oakland (forthcoming), Next Art Gallery in Sweden, and the Urban Arts Space at Ohio State University, and their publication Deliberate Operations #3 [Full Empty] has recently been shortlisted for the Anamorphosis Prize and added to the collection of the MoMA Library.


On View: December 4 – December 28, 2015

Location: Filter Space 1821 W. Hubbard St., Ste. 207

Filter Photo is proud to acknowledge the support of the David C. & Sarajean Ruttenberg Arts Foundation in producing this exhibition.

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