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A More Fluid Atmosphere

Rose Marie Cromwell

Filter Photo is pleased to present A More Fluid Atmosphere, a solo exhibition of photography by Rose Marie Cromwell. This exhibition coincided with the 2022 Filter Photo Festival.

"Miami is the most economically unequal city in the United States, and the most culturally syncretic. It also has the most vulnerable ecosystem due to climate change and the porous limestone on which it stands. Miami is on a precipice of change that the whole country may eventually undergo.

In Miami, a major port and global economic hub, the effects of globalization are accentuated. Many Miami residents live in close proximity to industrial spaces that house goods to fuel the global economy. The city is a patchwork of disjointed residential, commercial, and industrial neighborhoods, many of which are rapidly gentrifying. The local environment is often neglected in the mirage that is global commerce. I depict the confrontation of an increasingly globalized world with the intimacy of individual lives. I am looking for moments when there is a strong individual narrative and the deep spirituality prevalent in Miami emerges.

To depict the geographic and multicultural complexity of Miami, I photograph still lives, abstract landscapes, street scenes, and performances. Photography is often used to describe specific geographies. While I work in the tradition of documentary photography, I use a more conceptual approach to propose an alternative narrative of Miami, one that conveys the isolating and tantalizing essence of globalization and its effect on our intimate lives." —Rose Marie Cromwell

Rose Marie Cromwell is based in Miami, but has spent the past 15 years between New York, Panama, and Cuba. Her work explores the effect of globalization on our lives, culture, and environment. Her first book, El Libro Supremo de la Suerte, was published in 2018 by TIS books, and was awarded the Light Work Photo Book Prize and named one of the "25 Best Photobooks of 2018" by TIME Magazine. She has had solo exhibitions at Diablo Rosso Gallery and Antitesis Gallery, both in Panama City, Panama. Her work has also been exhibited at Aperture Foundation in New York, PRIZM Art Fair in Miami, The Philadelphia Photo Arts Center, and The Silver Eye Arts Center in Pittsburgh, among many others. Cromwell is recipient of a Fulbright Grant, a Getty Reportage grant, and the Oolite Creator Awards, and was a Light Work Artist in Residence. She has just published her second book Eclipse with TIS books, and her third book A More Fluid Atmosphere with Pomegranate Press. She frequently works for The New York Times, TIME, The New Yorker, and Harpers.

On View: September 2nd - October 22nd, 2022

Location: Filter Space | 1821 W Hubbard St, Suite 207

This exhibition was partially sponsored by The Illinois Arts Council Agency.

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