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Denis Gillingwater

My photographic work is a broad based approach towards expressing the visual and conceptual interfaces between the rapidly expanding (un)known and/or (un)wanted penetrations of surveillance technologies into the mental and/or physical realms within our everyday being that inevitably invade and reconfigure our individual and collective lives. According to Shoshana Zuboff, Harvard Emeritus Professor, Surveillance Capitalism (her title) has evolved into a new species of power she tags as “instrumentar-ianism” “Its power knows and shapes human behavior toward’s other’s ends. It works it will through the automated medium of an increasingly ubiquitous architecture of ”smart” networked devices, things, and objects”. Two artist residencies, 2008-10, at The American Academy in Rome were highly influential in forming my ideation. Representative images, exhibitions, residencies, and other information can be seen on my website: Currently, I am a Professor Emeritus at Arizona State University.

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