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Join us for a panel discussion with Matthew Austin and Oriana Koren of For the Birds Trapped in Airports—a new publishing imprint based in Los Angeles.


Matthew and Oriana will discuss the collectivist structure of For the Birds Trapped in Airports (FTBTIA), which prioritizes long-term care for published artists and works against peer competition. They will share experiences in publishing that have led to shaping this structure—like Matt's work with Candor Arts and Oriana's experiences with traditional publishers—as well as how the project functions in a practical sense. A book signing with local FTBTIA published authors will follow the talk.


Matthew Austin (he/him) is a bookbinder, designer, and publisher based in Los Angeles. He is the founder of Candor Arts, an artist books imprint based in Chicago from 2016–2021, and For the Birds Trapped in Airports (2022), an artist book imprint and bindery based in Los Angeles. He recently published his second book, also titled For the Birds Trapped in Airports, focusing on the life experiences that have shaped his approaches to artist book publishing.


Oriana Koren (they/them) is photographer, curator, writer, and researcher. They are a polymathic artist-writer-speculatist whose work is rooted in the archive and vernacular photography practices at the intersection of language and the image. They are the Editor of For the Birds Trapped in Airports.

Date: September 28th, 2023
Time: 12:00 – 1:00 PM CT

Cost: FREE 
Location: Columbia College Chicago Student Center | 754 S Wabash Ave, 5th floor

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