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Zemula Barr


I was inspired to create these digital collages after working in a similar way with film. Using my Holga camera, I often shoot multiple exposures to create panoramas that span multiple negative frames. Like film for a motion picture, these elongated images contain narratives (although slightly ambiguous ones) that suggest a linear progression of time. However, in my digital workspace the past and present overlap, time becomes circular, and meaningful places that are thousands of miles apart exist within the same time zone.
Curious objects seen while traveling or in my Chicago neighborhood bleed together in uncanny ways, just as random details and events from the previous day may blur together in my dreams at night. I offer these glimpses into my inner world as respites from the frantic deluge of images and information constantly vying for our attention. These images create space for contemplation and appreciation of color, light, and form. Through digital manipulation I am creating a fictional photographic memoir, yet these images also highlight the beauty and magic of the everyday...if we allow ourselves to slow down long enough to see it.

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