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Tzuen Wu

What do you see?—One step away (photo series)

Self-trained AI-generated photo explores the flow of sight at the Field Museum using the artist's exclusive photos of taxidermy animals. Inspired by John Berger's perspectives on animal gaze, the artwork questions how animals loose their reciprocal gaze despite seeming to possess it. It also examines what artificial intelligence sees and learns from these photos, revealing the complex dynamics of vision within the field or spatial environment.

Tzuen Wu (Theo), a Taiwanese artist and researcher based in Chicago, considers themselves a human spy camera. Through their experimental installations, images, and videos, they delve into the intricate power dynamics of observation and visibility. Their work critically examines social structures within the realms of identity, familial heritage, colonialism, and the environment. Wu's artistic practice encompasses optical illusions, bio art, and 3D modeling, pushing the boundaries of perception and representation. They hold
a BFA from the Taipei National University of Art and an MFA from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Currently, Wu's focus lies in environmental issues, exploring unconventional and artistic approaches to data collection. Additionally, they ponder the reproducibility of photography, leading them to initiate the current
water quality testing project called Water Like(若水) .

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