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Kathryn Rodrigues

The series “Homesick” explores the psychology of motherhood and parenting during a pandemic through a series of self-portraits taken around the exterior of my home. As the pandemic has continued so have my feelings of containment, exhaustion and anxiety, as well as my desire for rest, connection to the natural world, safety and autonomy. By choosing to photograph using medium format film, I create space to work slowly, turning the process into both a meditation and a declaration of investment in my art practice. As I
wander outside alone I am confronted with the suburban landscape and objects my children interact with regularly which create a playful sense of the absurd when interacted with by an adult with no children
visible in the frame. I use my body as a cartographic tool for discerning and delineating the edges and boundaries of my own experience and also a way to transcend and be in relationship with something greater than myself.

These images capture the dichotomy of my liminal moments of freedom outdoors while also remaining
restricted to our property, moments I spent alone but also in plain sight of my children and neighbors, longing for connection but also for the security of separation.

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