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Kambua Chema

I truly love to travel and try to get on a plane every chance I get; my workspace mantra is “Work to Travel”. I get to look up from my computer and daydream of the next adventure. Postcards of Morocco is inspired by my visit to Andre Kertész’s installation in 2021 at the Art Institute – ‘Postcards From Paris’. I remember saying, “I can do this for every country I visit,” and here we are, ‘Postcards of Morocco’. It is a country I chose to visit based on a photo I saw on Facebook by Andy Yee, depicting a caravan of camels in the Sahara. I was hooked, and a year later, I made it to Morocco with the Giving Lens program in October of 2018 and went back six months later in May 2019 and again in May 2022. The pandemic life, as for many, gave me pause, but I’m happy to be traveling again. The images in this collection are views through my lens of a country that has come to feel like home. They showcase people, processes, landscapes, details within it and a sense of place.

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