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Jon Wollenhaupt


The photo montage images in this series came about from the emotional stress and isolation I found myself in during COVID confinement. For more than two years, I was gripped by the uncertainly, fear, and anxiousness brought on by the pandemic. I rarely ever went out to shoot new images. My only outlet was to dive deep into my photographic archives and explore and edit the many images that didn’t quite fit into any of my established projects. Necessity created invention as I found myself spontaneously associating and merging different images that previously seemed to have no relationship to each other whatsoever.

The images in this series are created from photos layers from advertisements, posters, murals, graffiti, landscapes, street images, and candid portraits. Each image has a central subject that represents the emotional fog, bewilderment, and trance-like stasis from which we hope to awaken.

Jon Wollenhaupt is an award-wining photography whose work has been exhibited extensively throughout the United States. His work has also been published in numerous print publications and media outlets including All About Photo—Black and White Photography Awards, July 2021, The British Journal of Photography’s global photography award 2020 Portrait of Humanity, Street Photography Magazine, CNN TV, and the San Francisco Chronicle. He currently resides in Sacramento, Calif. Education: Jon received a degree in fine art from Grossmont College in San Diego and completed additional studies in studio art at San Francisco State University.

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