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Ann Ginsburgh Hofkin

When I fell in love with photography, I embarked on a wonderful journey of discovery. Photographs are distillations of perception and experience, and they frequently make use of metaphor. Imagination and reality operate together. It is this union that directs my work. What we know-or what we think we know-will most likely evolve over time in much the same fashion that a kaleidoscope shifts its design when the eyepiece is rotated. Colors and shapes may change, positions of pieces may vary, but the same essential rudiments are there all the time. And, since each of us has a series of "holes" in our respective existences, we seek to fill these in our own way. How we do so is one thing that makes each of us an individual. My photographs of dramatic cloud formations, sinuous bodies of water, voluptuous land formations, or sensuous trees and foliage articulate my appreciation for the mystery inherent in our world. Specifically, with regard to these images which are dye sublimation prints on aluminum, I am attracted to the qualities possessed by prints on aluminum via a dye sublimation process. Like the images I have made on fine paper, these are stable or inert and will accept the pigment inks very well with slight adjustments to density and color balance. The luminosity inherent in this technique offers a heightened sense of depth and texture.

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