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Alan Leder

I don’t often purposely seek to develop a project or a series of related images. Images tend to reveal themselves while I’m on the move, during my travels; my camera becomes an extension of my imagination. Mundane, vernacular subjects often reveal hidden gems, altering my perception of the known world. It’s only after processing the raw capture that a project may emerge, sending me back on the path I had inadvertently fallen upon. I revel in the magic of those moments and take great joy in sharing my vision. I’ve long been drawn to the soothing quietude of swimming pools, mostly when they're devoid of people (and occasionally empty of water). When light interacts with bodies of water, the resulting refractions create astonishing patterns and shadows. Uniquely, within the framework of pool water, cryptic visual elements emerge that can challenge our perceptions of 3-dimensional space. As a former painter, I’m drawn to such water born canvases of infinite painterly

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