The Moon Belongs to Everyone

Stacy Arezou Mehrfar
Curated by Allie Haeusslein


Filter Photo is pleased to present The Moon Belongs to Everyone, a solo exhibition of photography by Stacy Arezou Mehrfar.


The Moon Belongs to Everyone  is a response to the contemporary experience of migration - of shifting continents and mindsets. A multi-layered visual narrative set in a non-locatable landscape, this work reflects upon the loss of roots, and search for belonging in the wake of immigration.


"I emigrated just after my 30th birthday. In Australia, the color of the flowers, the warm yellow of the sun, the oddly shaped trees were enchanting at first. But as time passed, I felt lost, in limbo. As an immigrant, my understanding of place, my sense of personal identity, even the impressions of my memories had shifted. Home became a place between here and there. I began to visually explore this sensation, making photographs in Australia and the United States.

The Moon Belongs to Everyone is an allegory for the in-between; for identity suspended between origin and destination, located in the crosshairs between the dissonant and the lyrical; a space I personally found myself in after leaving my homeland and migrating to a new country.

The series progresses through an alternating landscape of both time and perspective. In photographs of portraits, still lives, architecture, landscape, and nature, patterns and sites converge and return later in seemingly different positions. The solitary subjects of the portraits are unknown to each other and come from different parts of the world—yet they are caught in a similar liminal space—hovering somewhere between 'there' and 'here.' When viewed together they are experienced as a collective, sharing common grounds.

Stacy Mehrfar is a first-generation Iranian-American artist. Drawing from personal history, her photographs, video installations, and photobooks raise questions about how we build and sustain 'community.' Central to her practice is an examination of the interdependent relationship between the individual and the group and how landscape shapes identity.


Mehrfar's works have been exhibited nationally and internationally in venues such as TEDxSydney, Ethan Cohen KuBe, ClampArt, International Center of Photography (ICP), Australian Centre of Photography, State Library of New South Wales, and Obscura Festival. Stacy is the recipient of several grants, including the Joseph Robert Grant, Puffin Foundation Grant, Australian Postgraduate Award and Australian Artist Grant. She has received positive press coverage by Collector Daily, L'œil de la Photographie, British Journal of Photography, and The New Yorker, and her works are published in Der Greif, Artist Profile, and Fraction, among others. Stacy holds an MFA by Research in Photomedia from UNSW School of Art & Design in Sydney, Australia, a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Wisconsin, Madison, and a certificate in Creative Practices from ICP in New York. Her second monograph, The Moon Belongs to Everyone, published by GOST Books, London (2021), was named photobook of the month for July 2021 by Leica Photographie International and one of Photo Eye's Best Books of 2021. Most recently, she was nominated for the 2022 Silver List. Stacy is currently faculty at ICP and the School of Visual Arts.


This exhibition is partially sponsored by The Illinois Arts Council Agency, The Joseph Roberts Foundation, and The Puffin Foundation.


Exhibition Dates: January 6th - February 24th, 2023
Gallery Reception: January 13th, 6 - 9 PM
Location: Filter Space | 1821 W Hubbard St, Suite 207
Gallery Hours: Monday – Saturday, 11 AM – 5 PM