with Shawn Bush


The photo book is an ideal space for photographers to realize and share their work to a wide audience that can experience the images as printed matter in its totality. It is a place where the photograph becomes held and felt. A space that brings together photographic and non-photographic materials, creating a tactile experience and physical object that is more than the sum of its parts. For many photographs, navigating the many options to design, material, binding and edition size can be a daunting task. A task that many photographers rely on a publisher to do the lifting for.


Through lectures, demonstrations, and group discussion, this intimate in-person workshop will provide participants with the baseline knowledge of how to operate within the ever-changing world of photobook publishing. Topics will include how/when to contact a publisher, managing expectations of both artist and publisher in relation to book design, costs covered by artist relative to those (sometimes) covered by the publisher, distribution of books, pros and cons to self-publishing, navigating contracts, production, fundraising and an array of additional topics that are within the gravitational force of the photo book publishing world.


The class will also cover the basics of creating simple mocks using rudimentary tools (computer paper, standard printer, glue stick), design software (Adobe InDesign), and a Drum Leaf binding technique. There will be time allocated to group discussion and critique of works that are in progress and/or works that are ready to publish. Ideally, participants will bring any sort of moquette (physical, digital, hybrid) or at the minimum, a selection of images that will be showcased in a book format.

Participants should be prepared to bring a book moquette (physical, digital, hybrid) or at the minimum, a selection of images that will be showcased in a book format.

All in-person events will be conducted in accordance with current city and state guidelines in effect in September. Masks will be required at all indoor events.

This in person workshop is limited to 12 participants

Shawn Bush is Founder of Dais Books, an independent publisher devoted to making artists’ books in small editions, often with handmade qualities. Each unique publication is a limited-edition object, stemming from an intimate and collaborative effort between artist and designers. Our aim is to showcase visual artists who are dedicated to experimenting with innovative methods of visual communication through a limited circulation of beautifully produced and highly collectible books. ​From its inception, Dais Books has been committed to raising the voices of artists who have traditionally been left on the periphery of the fine-art community by funding and hand producing a monograph of their work in direct collaboration with the artists themselves. From our staff to the artist’s and organizations Dais works with, we are fully committed to uplifting the voices of BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, and Womxn in Visual Art.

Date: September 24, 2021
Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm CT
Cost: $275
Location:  21c Museum Hotel | 55 E Ontario St, Chicago, IL 60611

Refunds will be processed with a 15% fee. No refunds will be given after September 1st.