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we like small things v.2

juried by Aimée Beaubien

Filter Photo is pleased to present our second exhibition of small works, we like small things v.2, juried by Aimée Beaubien.

Juror's Statement

This is quite a large collection of small works for we like small things v.2. It started with an open call to create a studio-like environment with all types of two-dimensional photo-based works, no larger than 10 x 10 inches. Having visited many artists’ studios I know that my gravitational pull is always towards that notational wall completely jam-packed with open-ended visual conversations about what could be: dizzying, overwhelming and alive with possibilities. What I have drawn could have easily shifted and transformed limitlessly after having been presented with so many exciting pathways through the submissions. In one deep dive some photographs lingered in my imagination and began connecting to others and in short order, a collection of images was strung together.

Featured Artists

Sarah Baranski

Jess Benjamin

Raegan Bird

C. W. Brooks

Joan Lobis Brown

Billy Buck

Jesse Butcher

Chad Chatterton

Liz Chilsen

Gina Costa

Maria Dunaevsky

Malcolm Easton

Nicholas Fedak II

Adam Frint

Alissa Godina

Nadide Goksun

Alice Hargrave

Sharon Lee Hart

Paul Jett

William Jordan

Michelle Keim

Daniel MT Le

Haerim Lee

Yshao Lin

Liu Liu

Dan Lopez

Jennifer Lothrigel

Carissa Meier

Frederick Walter Nitsch

Jessica Pierotti

Sarah Pollman

Valentina Pozo

Erika Raberg

Monica Rezman

Travis Roozée

David Rothenberg

Rana Siegel

Jake Silby

Rebecca Sittler

Chris J. Staats

John Steck Jr.

Olivia Swider

Amanda Taves

Jamie Tuttle

Antoinette Viola

Serinah D. Yeo


On View: September 21 – October 27, 2018

Location: Filter Space | 1821 W Hubbard St, Suite 207

Image © Raegan Bird

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