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Mark Lipczynski

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Capturing trains is something I have been obsessed with doing my entire memorable life. So much of my time has been consumed photographing trains that it’s all a blur and yet it never gets old for me. 

When I was a kid, I wanted my camera to stop motion so I could study the trains I photographed. With this work, I’m intentionally blurring the subject by making the camera expose for several seconds to several minutes, allowing time to reflect on my appreciation for these timeless machines and the meaningful connection they have to my past.

Mark Lipczynski is an American photographer exploring sentimental attachment to place and time using the backdrop of personal stories. Lipczynski grew up in Warren, Ohio where he spent countless hours photographing trains with inexpensive film cameras. He remains an avid train buff today, working out of his home in the suburbs of Phoenix, Arizona.

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