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Filter Photo is pleased to announce Context 2020, our annual spring open call for photography-based work. This year the exhibition is juried by Eve Schillo, Assistant Curator Wallis Annenberg Photography Dept., Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA). Context 2020 opens March 20 and runs through April 25, 2020, at Filter Space gallery and continues online.

Congratulations to Juror’s Choice winner Julianna Foster and Honorable Mention Gary Emrich.

My congratulations to all of the artists included in Context 2020. It was a privilege to review the many strong submissions, and, in turn, to acknowledge that the quality of submissions stand as a credit to Filter Photo for their fine work in expanding the notion of a photo-based practice. The works selected are by default a reflection of my own opinion of photography’s current strengths:  traditional themes made more relevant with a strong dose of the poetry that is photographic abstraction. Portraiture that is traditional ¾ frontal pose or in situ, but also mysterious and questioning. Landscape or streetscapes that are also–or primarily–read as formal tonal fields. Photo experimentation that is both process-directed and simultaneously not read foremost as a photograph.  The blurred, but not confused, nature of photography in 2020 is all represented here.

Eve Schillo, March 2020

Watch the video walkthrough here

Image Credit: Samantha Cabrera Friend

Participating Artists

Garrett Baumer

Greg Boozell

William Camargo

Cathy Cone

Haile Eshe Cole

Kes Efstathiou

Gary Emrich

Jim Ferguson

Julianna Foster

Bernadette Fox

Samantha Cabrera Friend

Dana Fritz

Jennifer Georgescu

Denis Gillingwater

Hans Gindlesberger

Abbey Hepner

Evan Hume

Rachel Jessen

John Keatley

Christine Lucy Latimer

Lorraine Ning

Eleanor Oakes

David Obermeyer

Miguel Ontiveros

Karen Osdieck

Inga Pae

Rich Saal

Albert Abdul-Barr Wang

Nicole White

Tim Wilson

This exhibition is partially sponsored by The Illinois Arts Council Agency.

Exhibition Dates: March 20 – April 25, 2020
Location: Filter Space 1821 W. Hubbard St., Ste. 207
Gallery Hours: Online

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