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Veronica Woodward

"The Playground" is a body of work made up of photographs and paintings on raw canvas created in 2021-2022 while living in San Diego. I created all of them while outside in our backyard with my two
young children.

As the title of the series indicates, I allowed my daily interactions with my kids to influence the topical subject matter of these works. I also focused on letting myself use subjects and materials not typically assigned to my work. These photographs were inspired after making an activity for my kids to dig toys out of ice. I immediately saw the potential for the object as a source for further play for myself. As an artist and mother I am continually faced with how and when I can make my work. With this series I gave myself the guidelines of making work out of their toys and materials I encounter daily while engaged with them. The bright mid day sun became an integral element to the works as well. I plan to come back to this series with
the Chicago sun as a source as opposed to the San Diego sun used with these pieces now that I have moved back. I am printing 1 edition of these works along with 1 or 2 Artist Proofs.

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