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Leanne Trivett

Pisces Dipped in Fantasy Series

Dreams are what I connect to in times of pain, stress, sorrow, and yes joy. This work of self portraits represents my release of expectation and societal stress, and is a moment of personal cleansing. When I need a break from the world, I jump in and let the colorful waters splash about me, swimming into the quiet calm. Hold the breath. Feel the immersion of water pressure and bubbles tickling. And Silence. Let’s be here for awhile. This is my escape, into my dreams that save me. Work created from images I have taken
with my cameras.

I am a visual artist that uses lens based photography to narrate identity in Experimental Self Portraiture, to explore subjects in abstract, and create images that show how details and color interact in the world. My theatrical and vocal performance background inspires me to connect to self and create characters with dynamic stories. I like to capture scenes from my play, and I also like the out takes. It is my desire to connect to the viewer in a meaningful and emotional way by exploring multiple sides of me: the light and dark,
the quiet and the movement, and the smooth and textured. I use my camera and eye for detail to visit the complicated fringe of my personality and my relationships. Every photo I take is a part of my
curiosity and “double” inner world. I seek a connection to self and the audience in that space of duality, building a bridge through emotion and humanity. All of my imagery is created by photographs I take with my cameras.

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