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Jean-Christophe Yacono

I began the extraction of the INTERSTICES series by looking, frame by frame, at NOIRCEUR, during my convalescence. Between two pictures, there are enclosed images that mix, tear or contort. Since this discovery, I have begun to capture more footage, to try to understand how the code infused in the transitions, “morphing” and “optical flow”, reacts to changes in shape and light. This transition brings a new blur into my practice, the fourth blur, in addition to the blurs generated by the exposure speed, the movement of the sensor or the subject. This series is the beginning of a new energy of moving images, against confinement and conformism, defeating photography’s innate clinical accuracy.

Jean-Christophe Yacono (yako) is a French and Canadian multimedia visual artist. Photographer and author of interactive and digital works for screen and the public square, his practice concretizes the
transitory through photographic and animated imagery. He is interested in movement that generates interaction and collaboration. yako questions place, the fleeting and present moment, and the
displacement of the gestural trace that materializes through the digital process.

Trained in graphic design and photography at the École Supérieure des Arts Modernes de Paris, as well as in digital and interactive arts, yako has developed a marked interest in the new practices and writings of web art, multimedia and contemporary dance. His work has been presented at the Biennale d’Art Numérique (BIAN), the Festival International du Film sur l’Art (FIFA), the Festival du Nouveau Cinéma (FNC), Cirque du Soleil, PdA’s ArTV studio, the Centre Pompidou (CNAC), and the gallery Centrale Powerhouse, among others.

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