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Jan Arrigo

Night Moves

The animated evening sky is the subject of this series photographed on Louisiana’s Lake Pontchartrain estuary. What appears calm and still nevertheless flickers with differing sources of light, creating a contemplative vibe. Like a plank to the moon, the fishing pier transports meditation through mystery. The process of making this photographic series created from 2017-2023, makes me feel grateful to share as witness.

Jan Arrigo is an award winning visual artist and author who studied at ICP where she was a docent, and City College for art history graduate work in New York. She graduated with a BA in Communications from Loyola University in New Orleans before working in publishing then as a copywriter in Manhattan. Her work has been exhibited nationwide, including Soho Photo and SVA in New York, Center for Photography
Monterey, CA), The Griffin Museum of Photography’s Lafayette City Center, Boston exhibition space, S.E. Center for Photography, (Greenville, S.C.), The Center for Fine Art Photography, (Ft. Collins, CO), South Southeast Photo Gallery, (Molina, GA), Artworks Gallery, (Austin, TX), Center for Photography, Woodstock, Brickworks Gallery, (Atlanta, GA), The Pensacola Museum of History, The Contemporary Art Center, The New Orleans Photo Alliance Gallery and more. She has authored several books about New Orleans (Voyageur Press) and contributed to “The American Art Book” (Phaidon) and “The Encyclopedia of Sculpture” (Routledge), among others.

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