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Eugene Tang

For years, I have been actively focused on different communities that I encounter, recording events to find mutual understandings and a sense of belonging in this chaotic world. I construct my own identity
by viewing/deconstructing others’ lifestyles: I adventure into private lives while simultaneously sharing my vulnerabilities. My work presents the complexity of humanity by choreographing conversations that trace human desire.

By combining photography with other media—such as performance, writing, and videography—I open up more of a practice based on the theories of relational aesthetics. I aspire to illustrate the spaces we
inhabit, the relationships we create in private spaces, and the objects with which we surround ourselves in our domestic arenas.

My art exists within the labor, negotiation, and physicality of the process of photography, such that the content is located between these interactions. When I become involved with my subjects, notions of “artist” and “model” get reimagined and deconstructed. The hidden communities with which I work, voices often at the fringes of society, are then foregrounded and made visible. In the process of such engagements, I come to understand selfhood and being.

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