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David Obermeyer

I grew up in New York City and started playing with cameras at an early age. By high school I had a darkroom in my bathroom and was doing large format work, with a bulky 4x5 Crown Graphic. College
brought me to Chicago thinking I wanted to be a teacher, but the visual pull was too strong, and I started studying film. I began making small experimental films while earning an MFA in film. I have worked
for the past thirty years as production sound mixer for feature films, television and documentaries.

In 2010 a film project brought me to Gary and it was then that I knew I wanted to return to my earliest passion, the still image. I began photographing Gary, at first its abandoned structures and then its people. Since then I have done projects in Southwest Michigan, Chicago’s South Side, Cuba and Jamaica. Photography has always been for me a process of discovery and a way of engaging with people. These photographs are from a continuing project of “On the Road to Gary”. They are industrial landscapes on the south shore as it winds into Indiana.

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