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Aslı Gonen

My name is Aslı Gönen, I live in Turkey, even in a small city in Central Anatolia. I was particularly interested in art, painting and with the introduction of the internet and digital photography into our lives, I
turned to photography. I started to subscribe to photo sites on the Internet and for a long time I just watched. Then I bought a small compact machine, saying why I don't do it too. I did not receive any training in photography. I developed myself completely by my observations and reading. I practiced on the streets all the time. Being on the streets, documenting those ordinary, simple moments makes me happy.

From the first moment I became interested in photography, I was only interested in street photography and I am looking for order in chaos. I also like to add my own shadow, silhouette or reflection to the composition, it gives me pleasure. I like to be on the street all the time, day or night, summer or winter,
and be prepared for surprises. I even like to come home tired, sometimes empty-handed, not knowing what to expect. In order not to miss a moment, I always carry my machine in my purse, by the way, I can say that I have gained a lot of arm muscle. As Saul Leither said, “I happen to believe in the beauty of simple
things. I believe that the most uninteresting thing can be very interesting.” By adopting this saying as my philosophy, I try to discover those short moments and beauties in our daily rush.

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