Portfolio Reviews are sold in blocks of 5 reviews and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis based on your date of registration. After registering for your reviews, you will be contacted to rank your reviewers in order of preference to ensure that each participant is scheduled with whom they are most interested in seeing.  Reviewer preferences are due by August 1st.

What happens after I register?

You will be contacted by Filter Photo staff within 24-48 hours after you register for your reviews. You will be asked to submit your reviewer preferences in order from 1-12, 1 being who you would like to see the most. Reviewer preferences are due by August 1st. The date you register holds your place in line and priority is given to those who register early. Schedules will be released by late August / early September.

How do I present my portfolio?

The 2020 Portfolio Reviews will be conducted entirely online via Zoom Video Conferencing software. Participants will be asked to upload their portfolios in advance of their reviews. Portfolio reviewers will have access to participants online portfolios before and during the live reviews. Registered participants will be given detailed instructions on how to upload portfolios and participate in reviews.

How many images are in a portfolio and can I show more than one project?

A typical portfolio is comprised of 15 - 25 tightly edited images from a single project or series. You are welcome to show more than one project, but in the interest of time, more than two projects is not recommended. In an online review, print size is not an issue but it is important to think about what your optimal print size is. Print size can also be a good point of conversation with a reviewer.

How should I best prepare for my review?

The best way to have the most success with your reviews is to practice and research. Be sure you are meeting with a reviewer who is interested in your type of work. A good way to ensure this is to read their bio, found on our reviewers’ page, and research what type of work they generally exhibit or publish. It is also good practice to consider your expectations - are you interested in feedback for a new series or looking for exhibition opportunities for a completed projected? You can make the most of your 20-minute review by preparing a few questions for the reviewer. Be sure to allow enough time for the reviewer to critique and give feedback.

What do I need to participate?

We will send detailed information to all registered participants on setting up Zoom and uploading portfolios. There are no additional costs to participate online. You won't need a business card for a virtual review but it is always a good idea to have a place online where a reviewer can see more of your work - a website or social media site that you can share with a reviewer. A pen and pad of paper is also very useful to take down information during your review.

I haven't shown work in a virtual review before, where can I get more help preparing?

We are offering a Portfolio Review Boot Camp this August. Join us online to practice presenting work and learn all about best practices in this new environment. We are also happy to answer your questions anytime. We want this experience to be positive and productive!

What are best practices for engaging with Zoom?

Please mute your microphone in a group meeting when you are not speaking. This reduces distracting background noises for the speaker. When you need to step a way, feel free to turn off your video for privacy. During meetings though, it is best to keep it on for the best level of engagement. When being transferred in to and out of a breakout room, there is a slight delay. This is normal, please be patient and the screen will come back shortly. For every meeting and event there is a moderator or host, feel free to ask them for help if you are having any trouble.