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with Claire A. Warden


Experimentation has been inherent to the photographic medium since its discovery.


In this one-day workshop with artist Claire A. Warden, participants will explore experimental and historic darkroom techniques to create unique silver gelatin prints.


Participants will merge film or digital negatives of their own with cameraless techniques including the chemigram process as well as creating cliché verres and ortholitho film negatives and positives. The workshop will begin with a brief introduction to experimental darkroom practices.

Following the workshop, all participants will have the opportunity to discuss their work in an informal critique.

Participants should bring 35mm, medium format and/or large format negatives to experiment with - especially any film considered a "mistake". Also any small objects to make photograms. 

This workshop is limited to 10 participants. Please see the Health and Safety protocols for additional information.

No. 05 (Construct), 2018
Image Courtesy of the Artist

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