with Priya Suresh Kambli


This is a one-day, online workshop open to all types and all levels of image makers.


Artist Priya Suresh Kambli will mentor the participates through conversations and critical feedback so that the group is able to better understand, articulate and further deepen their engagement with their own artistic projects and practice. Priya will guide the group to understand their intentions, thoughts, and decisions as well as how to clarify them to coalesce a body of work, while considering how the work is placed in the context of contemporary art practice. Project critiques will be given with consideration towards shaping a cohesive body of work and also cater to specific questions participants might have about their own work.

Participants should plan to share a single body of work in a single pdf format.

This workshop will be conducted entirely online via Zoom Video Conferencing software, available at Zoom.com for free.  Additional details will be emailed to participants in advance of the workshop.

This online workshop is limited to 12 participants

Image courtesy of the artist, Soha (Muma’s Photographs), 2019 from the series Buttons for Eyes.

Priya Kambli received her BFA at the University of Louisiana in Lafayette and an MFA from the University of Houston. She is currently Professor of Art at Truman State University in Kirksville, Missouri. Kambli’s work inadvertently examines the question asked by her son Kavi at age three; did she belong to two different worlds, since she spoke two different languages? The essence of his question continues to be a driving force in her art making. In her work, Kambli has always strived to understand the formation and erasure of identity that is an inevitable part of the migrant experience, exploring the resulting fragmentation of family, identity, and culture. Kambli’s artwork has been well received, having been exhibited, published, collected and reviewed in the national and international photographic community. She was the winner of the inaugural Female in Focus, 2019 award - aimed at addressing the gender imbalance in the industry by highlighting the exceptional quality of work by female photographers around the world. She is also the winner of the 2021 Individual Artist Outstanding Artist by the Missouri Arts Council. The success of Kambli’s work underlines the fact that she is engaged in an important dialogue, and reinforces her intent to make work driven by a growing awareness of the importance of many voices from diverse perspectives and the political relevance of our private struggles.

Date: September 22, 2021
Time: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm CT
Cost: $250 / $275*
Location: Online via Zoom

Early Bird Registration opens June 7th for Filter Photo Members, June 14th to the Public and ends July 15th. Refunds will be processed with a 15% fee. No refunds will be given after September 1st.