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with Filter Photo Fellow Kendall Hill


Join us for a virtual conversation with current Filter Space exhibiting artist, Hannah Altman. Altman will be joined by Filter Photo Fellow Kendall Hill to discuss and analyze her exhibition, A Permanent Home in the Mouth of the Sun, through sound, words, and audio. This discussion is a part of When You Take a Step Back, an ongoing series led by Hill, which analyzes how sound plays a defining role in visual artists' works and practice, and ultimately how it can affect our experience as viewers. 

The work in Altman's exhibition is influenced by Judaic tradition and folklore—tales told from the mouth and carried through generations. Altman and Hill will analyze how her connection to her elders and her heritage influence the style in which she works, the images she chooses to show, and her conceptual drive as a photographer. 


A Permanent Home in the Mouth of the Sun explores Jewish diaspora, world-building, and sacred time through photographic narratives that build from interpreted ritual and motifs in Yiddish folklore. Judaic stories often consider the polarity of exile; with one hand we tend to ancestral wounds that compel the notion to shield and assimilate, with the other we knead an ancestral resilience that allows us to continually revisit actions, places, and objects as they fit into new spaces of care and translation. 


When You Take a Step Back is a project meant to further catalyze the conversations surrounding fine art photography, the artists in Filter Photo’s exhibition program, and the Chicago art community as a whole. By accessing the artists’ words, historical sound bites, or other audio sources that helped inspire the artist to make the images they make, When You Take a Step Back is an additional component to the exhibition designed to complement the images you see.

The Filter Photo Fellowship is generously supported by Kathryn B Butzlaff and Stephen H. Butzlaff.

Date: July 28, 2021
Time: 6:00 CT
Cost: FREE
Location: Online via Zoom

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