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Oriana Koren in conversation with Kendall Hill


Join us for a virtual conversation with we like small things v.4 juror, Oriana Koren. Koren will be joined by Filter Photo Fellow Kendall Hill to discuss and analyze the topic of the archive. Archival imagery and an understanding of the past is crucial for black photographers as we expand our work decades into the future. Engaging our own archive, as well as those of black folks throughout American history, will only better serve us in creating more engaging, intimate photographs. 

Oriana Koren is a photo-ethnographer, writer & researcher who has long been creating work and laboring for parity and inclusivity within the photography industry & community and within the larger scope of American history through their ethnographic work. Koren's work centers on the perspectives of people and communities with a history of colonization by reframing the image-making process through their personal research. Koren is a founding member of the Authority Collective, a co-author of the Photo Bill of Rights and the founder of the Lit List photo award.

The Filter Photo Fellowship is generously supported by Kathryn B Butzlaff and Stephen H. Butzlaff.

Image Credit: Diana Kelley

Date: October 28, 2021
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 CT
Cost: FREE
Location: Online via Zoom

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