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Oriana Koren

Editor, For the Birds Trapped in Airports

Oriana Koren (they/them) is photographer, curator, writer, and researcher. They are a polymathic artist-writer-speculatist whose work is rooted in the archive and vernacular photography practices at the intersection of language and the image.

Koren is interested in reviewing personal and fine art photo projects from emerging and mid career QTBIPOC artists. They are interested in work across genres, but especially archival and vernacular practices, diaristic photography, and long term projects examining: family histories, gender and sexuality, bodily autonomy, self-determination, effects of dispossession of land and home, immigration and assimilation, and visual interrogation of whiteness/white supremacy. Koren is also interested in nuanced projects around kink/fetish and people of color. They prefer not to review photo work made by outsiders/interlopers into communities the photographer is not part of. 

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