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Co-Curator, Pictura Gallery

Lisa Woodward is Co-Curator (along with Mia Dalglish) at Pictura Gallery, a non-profit contemporary photography gallery in Bloomington, IN. She serves as a portfolio reviewer for international conferences and festivals such as Fotofest, Photolucida, and Les Rencontres d’Arles. Lisa juries photography competitions and serves as a guest critic for university classrooms. She is an alumna of the Rhode Island School of Design’s photography program. Pictura has gained a reputation for its nuanced exhibits as a thoughtful venue for emerging and established artists, focusing on work with strong formal sensibilities and depth of content. Pictura mounts six exhibitions annually with a mix of solo and two-person shows, and typically one group show. After 10 years as a commercial space, Pictura has recently become a nonprofit, joining forces with the new FAR center for the contemporary arts, serving the local community and the Midwest with exhibitions and educational programs. Pictura is pursuing the intersection of photography and other art forms, such as dance, performance, music, and poetry. To that end, Lisa is looking for projects that push past the boundaries of the frame, into time-based forms and broader installations.

She is interested in fresh portfolios that demonstrate a cohesive and carefully edited body of work. Lisa would like to see excellent craft, a balance of aesthetic and conceptual concerns, and emotionally moving work with well-considered ideas.  She is less interested in nature photography, commercial work, digital collage, and forlorn forgotten items. Lisa can offer critique and feedback as well as help with editing and sequencing in preparing projects for exhibition.

Reviewing Friday, September 20 and Saturday, September 21. 

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