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Anne Leighton Massoni

Executive Director & Curator, Houston Center for Photography (HCP)

Anne Leighton Massoni is Executive Director & Curator of the Houston Center for Photography (HCP) in Texas. Before joining HCP, she was the Dean and Managing Director of Education at the International Center of Photography in New York City. Massoni graduated with an MFA in Photography from Ohio University and BAs in Photography and Anthropology from Connecticut College. She co-edited The Focal Press Companion to the Constructed Image in Contemporary Photography with Marni Shindelman in 2018; and has curated over twenty exhibitions including most recently Ada Trillo & the Sirkhane DARKROOM.

The Houston Center for Photography is an organization dedicated to the art of photography. Starting in 1981 as a small visual artists’ organization, its mission has always been to promote the art and practice of photography in all its forms through various programs. HCP is comprised of three galleries and over 200 feet of linear exhibiting space.

HCP is actively looking to build two and three person exhibitions with each artist exhibiting in their own gallery for the 2025 exhibition year. Massoni is particularly interested in work that addresses identity, contemporary societal issues, and/or challenges the practice of photography through new or re-envisioned technologies.

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