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Executive Director, The Print Center

Liz Spungen has been the Executive Director of The Print Center in Philadelphia since 2006. She received both a BA and MA in the History of Art from the University of Pennsylvania and has spent her career dedicated to the visual arts in Philadelphia. Her tenure at The Print Center has been marked by programmatic and administrative accomplishments. She has developed numerous major individual and institutional gifts, doubling the staff and budget of the organization, developed a publication program, upgraded its historic building and re-established The Print Center’s position as an artist’s advocate. She often serves as a panelist, guest juror and visiting critic for regional and national organizations, government agencies and universities. Her curatorial efforts have included Black Pulse: Doug + Mike Starn, 2007; Nakazora: space between sky and earth: Masao Yamamoto, 2008; Silver Mine: Robert Asman, 2011-2012; Matt Neff: Second Sight, 2014; and Victoria Burge: Penumbra, September 2016. Publications include To See God Not the Devil’s Insides by Doug and Mike Starn, 2007; The Picture that Remains by Will Brown and Thomas Devaney, 2013; and the forthcoming Party Pictures by William E. Williams, 2019.

She is interested in seeing work in which the photographic print is a critical component of the work, or work that pushes the boundaries of traditional photographic practice. She is not interested in seeing commercially oriented work.

Reviewing Thursday, September 19, Saturday, September 21 and Sunday, September 22. 

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