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Join us for a virtual conversation with current Filter Space exhibiting artist, Vikesh Kapoor. Kapoor will discuss his exhibition, See You at Home, as well as the ongoing themes of race, class and identity in his work.


See You at Home is a personal narrative that centers on family, memory, and the myth and melancholy surrounding the American Dream.


"My parents, Shailendra and Sarla Kapoor, immigrated from India in 1973, settling in a small town of 10,000 people in rural Pennsylvania. They are one of only a few immigrant families in the region. While they left India for a better life, the shift from a collectivist nation to an individualistic one led to isolation just as much as it led to freedom. As they grow old in Pennsylvania with my sister and I no longer living nearby, their isolation only becomes more apparent to me.


I began making work about my family during a trip to India with my father, fifteen years ago. I hadn’t visited since I was a child, and it was my father’s first time in sixteen years. It was important for both of us. Questions of family, identity and personal history were born out of that trip and continue to inform my work and this project today.


See You at Home explores the dichotomy of home and homeland, freedom and isolation, collectivism and individualism, through images I make of my parents’ current life in America imbued with memories of their past.


Although this personal narrative began as an examination of diaspora, aging and the unique duties that fall to the only son of Asian immigrants, my hope is that See You at Home will resonate with other first-generation Americans and those interested in the myth of the American identity, seeking to find place and purpose here." —Vikesh Kapoor

Date: February 24th, 2022
Time: 6:00 - 7:00 PM CT
Cost: FREE
Location: Online via Zoom

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